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WordPress Design

When starting a business, it is very important to set up your online footprint. The majority of the would-be customers or clients firstly look online for the said company.

Because they want to save time and that they are hoping to find your website that will provide them with the information about a product or services that they would need.

Website Maintenance

Managing your business while thinking about your website’s upkeep can be very daunting. As a business person, you’d rather be focusing on growing your business, instead of worrying if you have updated or have secured your website correctly.

Sometimes, when we are too busy, we somehow forget about caring for the main medium that brings us business, the website.

General Virtual Assistance

Are you stuck with a task, and you’re starting to pull your hair because of it? That happens, and it’s completely normal.

Sometimes when we are busy dealing with other things, we forget how to do other tasks, and mostly, it just goes off the list unfinished.

How about an extra you?

Tech Support

There are times when you were doing something, and your computer freezes over. What if you were writing a document or doing a task you haven’t saved yet? Or maybe you are having issues installing software, an update, or worse, your printer is not working.

If you need remote tech support for optimizing your computer, removing adware and/or malware, or just a quick help with a program, let me know.

Local Search Optimization

Potential clients nowadays will always Google when trying to find a service provider or a product. Once they see it, they will then check at the reviews.

What if, you’re a small business offering a service or selling a product in your locality and people cannot find you?

Let’s make sure your business is found on Google.

Managed Web Hosting

Does your website keep having a  downtime? When running a WordPress website, it can be very demanding when it comes to server requirements, especially if it’s an eCommerce site. Let’s get your site to the Cloud and stop worrying about downtime, security patches, and updates.

Additionally, let’s make sure your website is backed up daily.

“Gil did a great job on building our website, forum, and customer service platform including our social media channels. Now, Gilman Ram Pump is able to receive all the inquiries from all channels. “

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